Brexit Statement

Preparing for Brexit

The UK’s exit from the EU presents challenges to businesses across both the UK and the wider EU. During the period up until the 31st December 2020, we continue to monitor the situation and potential impact on our operations and will be reviewing our mitigation strategy regularly. Our Impact Assessment Team is helping to ensure business continuity to deliver the best support and services for our customers during the transition.

As the exact status of the UK’s trading relationship after 31st December is still unclear, we continue to prepare based on the assumption that there will be no free trade agreement in place between the UK and EU in time for the end of the transition period. Therefore, we remain focused on key areas that we consider to be important; including, but not limited to changes to tariffs, customs borders, exchange rates and regulatory frameworks, as well as any impact on our integrated supply chain. We are operating and preparing at every level of our organization, from sales and customer service, to manufacturing, finance, compliance, human resources, and information technology.

Risk Assessment of Materials Supply Chain

Integrity do not operate on a just in time basis so, although we recognize the possible disruption to our supply chain, we believe we can manage any delays through careful stock management and planning.

Paper – Although the great majority of paper used by Integrity is sourced outside the UK, 94% of our paper is delivered in from UK warehouses with only 6% being directly imported by Integrity.  Our main suppliers are vertically integrated, multinational EU paper mills who import directly to warehouses at commercial ports. By using this capacity, plus our on-site 5,500 pallet warehouse and intelligent forward planning, we will manage stock holdings of all critical lines of paper to avoid stock out situations.

Ink – Integrity operate our own ink mixing laboratory, with a high stock holding of base stock and materials supplied by a UK company.

Glue – While the glues used on our Tamarack and Pressure Seal lines are imported from Germany, we hold 30 days forward stock in our warehouse and will apply forward planning to ensure stocks are maintained at this level as a minimum.

Die and Printing Plates – are all manufactured in the UK

Packaging – All packaging used at Integrity is manufactured in the UK

Transportation – Our main carrier is a local company. Their vehicles do not travel outside the UK so will not be affected by delays at entry ports. We expect our deliveries to continue as normal.

ImportsFor imports purchased directly from EU suppliers, Integrity Print will complete its own customs declarations. An internal team have undergone training in the relevant customs software through an external agency.

Despite the political uncertainty, we are confident that our planning and preparation will allow us to deliver the high levels of customer service and support that you have come to expect from Integrity Print. It is our intention to continue to monitor and review the situation over the coming weeks, and we will update this statement as and when new information becomes available.

If you have any specific enquiries or concerns, please contact us on +44 (0) 1761 409200 or