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Systems and Technology

Keeping up with the technological revolution can be a challenge for many businesses but it can also have a huge impact on improving sustainability and reducing carbon impact.

At Integrity, we are continually looking to invest in new systems and technology that not only reduce production costs but also allow us to become more energy-efficient.

Our air conditioning units have been replaced with more energy efficient models, whilst a single new compressor system in the factory now does the work of several previous systems. All lighting in the production areas has been replaced with low energy fluorescent tubes and LEDs, which use anything from one fifth to one third of the power of equivalent incandescent bulbs. A project to replace the drive motors on three machines to variable speed has realised annual savings of £4,500 per machine.

We have replaced normal roller shutter doors with high speed models which help to keep valuable heat from escaping our buildings. In addition, we installed high speed Dyson hand driers in the washrooms, which reduced the average monthly usage of boxes of paper towels from 34 to around 12. Replacing the ultraviolet drying units with more energy efficient models amounts to an impressive annual reduction of 20,000 KW hours per unit.

Operational Procedures

As a pioneer of lean manufacturing techniques within the print industry, Integrity has developed many working practices to minimise waste and energy consumption.

A reduction in our set up time allows us to increase actual running time, resulting in an overall reduction of cost, energy and carbon emissions.

We  also encourage our customers to be part of our environmental efforts by using digital/online ordering, proofing, and reordering systems, designed to reduce unnecessary transportation of products.

Integrity has also developed a stringent approach to waste segregation throughout our offices and production areas. This reduces the chance of cross contamination during the waste collection process which can render many recyclable items non-processable, greatly reducing the quality of the materials and their re-use.


Integrity Print recycle over 300 tonnes of paper and cardboard every month. As a 14001 accredited site, the environmental programme is about continuous improvement; as a result, the recycling policy now incorporates glass, plastic and batteries, as well as silicon backing paper from adhesive labels.

Our recycling is more than just a matter of procedure or policy, it is part of our culture. Whether it’s a single cup or 100 tons of cardboard, our team believe that recycling and reusing all our materials is an integral part of our sustainability efforts.

As a result of our conscientious and innovative approach, we have achieved “zero waste to landfill” status!

Environmental Policy

Our Environmental Policy demonstrates our commitment to managing our environmental impact and outlines the approaches through which we strive to reduce waste material levels; improve energy efficiency; and prevent pollution to air, land and water.

More than just defining our goals and approaches, Integrity’s Environmental Policy is fully integrated into every aspect of the day-to-day operations of our business. We periodically review our policy and provide regular updates to our team on any progress and developments with our approach and objectives.