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Integrity recently retained our certification for ISO14001 Environmental Standard, which is good news, but what does this really mean? With the environment becoming such a central theme to all our lives, is there a danger that by achieving certification standards, we believe that we are doing enough? As a business we have ticked the box and so can we now sit back for another 12 months until the next audit cycle?

Absolutely not. The ISO14001 Standard now demands a process of continuous improvement and we know that we still have much to do to reduce our environmental impact.The business has made huge strides since the Management Buy Out in 2008. At that time we sent 330 tonnes of business waste to landfill every year; in 2019 we achieved our objective of “zero to landfill.” This is a great headline that involved a great deal of cultural and process change, but showed what is possible.

So we know we can do more and acknowledge that it is a continuous challenge.The purpose of this section of the website is to explore what we are doing to reduce our environmental impact and increase our sustainability while securing jobs and profitability.

We also want to shine a light on areas where we know we still need to do more. The idea is to not only highlight the good things we are doing but we would like to challenge our staff, suppliers and customers to help us continue to deliver real, sustainable changes.

If you have any thoughts on how we can make an even bigger impact with our environmental initiatives, we’d love to hear your ideas. No matter how big or how small. We can always do more!

Email us at challengeus@integrity-print.com or leave your suggestions and ideas on our Contact Page.

If we love it and we can do it, we will!

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