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Artwork Charging Policy

From 1st October 2015 the following formal structure will apply to charges for providing a proofing service and undertaking artwork only jobs.

Proofing Service Charges

Integrity Print will proof back artwork supplied and make one set of author’s amends within the estimated costs provided in the original quotation supplied.

Where additional author amends are required after the provision of the second proof, then a standard charging rate will be applied. The current rate for amends will be a minimum charge of £15 for the first quarter hour, and then £15 for each additional quarter hour worked thereafter.

Integrity Print will advise of the additional costs incurred as each set of proofs is provided. Once a proof has been approved an invoice will be raised for the total costs incurred for undertaking the additional proofing.

Artwork Only Charges

Integrity Print will apply charges for creating artwork when an artwork only order does not go live. Outstanding artwork only orders will be reviewed at the beginning of each month and any jobs that have not progressed to a live order for 3 months or more will be cancelled. A minimum charge of £60 will be levied for all cancellations, although Integrity Print reserve the right to increase this charge depending on the complexity of the work undertaken.