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Pan-European E-billing solution

A bespoke solution for business improvement

Regulatory Environment

Communicating complex transactions in a highly regulated environment to a European wide customer base in 14 languages

Daily Transactions

Integrity manage thousands of transactional documents in both electronic and paper based outputs on a daily basis

30% Reduction In Costs

Costs have been reduced through smart templates, innovative overseas postal solutions and migrating clients to an on-line billing portal.


Our client is a major player in the global pharmaceutical market and had a strategic objective to build a secure e-billing solution for its European customer base. 

Integrity have been providing a paper based billing solution to the client since 2010. The client’s challenge to us was to deliver an e-billing solution that was compliant with EU regulations for the distribution of electronic invoices, adhered to GDPR requirements for data security and could integrate with existing customer Electronic Data Interchange systems.

The regulatory nature of the pharmaceutical industry and the potentially sensitive contents of the transactional documents required a solution that did not simply email pdfs to a customer’s email address.

A full suite of reporting tools have been made available to the client, allowing them to track open rates on outbound emails. A key element of the project has been to deliver clear reports that allow the client to ensure documents are reaching clients and being acted upon. Business rules are built into the system to ensure that invalid email address or in-opened emails are switched to a paper based channel with alerts to the client’s customer service team to  update or correct billing information.


International Pharmaceutical Company

Number of Mailings

Thousands daily


Document template re-design leading to reduction in pre-printed base stocks

20% saving in European post costs

40% uplift in customers selecting e-billing

Integrity E-Billing

The Integrity E-billing solution utilises the Quadient Inspire software that underpins our transactional service offering. The Inspire toolkit allows our experienced programmers to work with clients to identify the key customer touch points within outbound communications, allowing them to design clear and coherent form layouts. The design process is delivered through an online portal that tracks and audits change requests and has built in approval controls. The project began as an entirely paper based outbound process, however the team built a solution that would function in an omni-channel environment as this was a key future requirement.

During the project lifecycle we have worked closely with the client to drive uplift of e-billing to achieve their target of a 50% uptake. A campaign has been designed and developed by the team at Integrity to deliver a clear and consistent call to action to customers receiving paper documents. Dynamic messaging has been incorporated into paper bills supported by printed onserts that encourage clients to register for the e-billing service.

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