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Printing and Mailing Individual Letters

To Three Million Customers

£100K Saved per Annum

£100K per annum saving on Franking machine and postage fee’s.

1.2 Million Mailings

Over three million letters have been printed and sent through our Clarity Mail service for the client.

7500 Hours per Month

Over 7500 staff hours saved per month from printing, folding and mailing individual letters.


Our client is one of the UK’s leading Providers of dental healthcare, with over 300 practices in the UK serving in excess of three million patients. Their business focus is to develop a superior dental care brand delivering high quality dental care in a professional environment. The company has been acquisitive in the healthcare market and continues to add new practices to its operating portfolio.

Written communication plays a significant role in patient retention for this business. However the process of printing and mailing letters was not being managed effeciently due to the time taken to print and mail over one million items.

The client’s brand was also not being consistently adhered to by practices, with letterheads and mailing inserts often being sourced locally rather than through the marketing team.


Dental Client

Number of Mailings

1.2 Million pa


£100,000 per annum saved on cost of mailing
7500 staff-hours per month saved on printing, folding, franking and mailing
Brand consistency across all communications

The Clarity Mail Solution

Clarity Mail is a ‘Web to Print’ solution. It allows organisations to print and mail Millions of letters direct from their computers, at the click of a button.

The main challenge for our dental client was to roll out the software platform to an initial group of 200 practices and provide suitable training to up to four staff in each practice.

Working in conjunction with the clients IT central services team, we ensured the installation of the Clarity Mail system across the company.

Integrity then arranged and ran individual webinars with each practice to ensure that all staff had the opportunity to see how the system operated at a practice level.

The initial webinars were supported by a series of dedicated short videos posted to the client’s intranet, to provide reminders of the key elements of the service.

A dedicated technical support helpline was also set up and continues to provide an ongoing service to the practices if they have any questions about submitting mailings through the Clarity System.

Start Saving with Clarity Mail Today

Business Benefits.

The client now has over 250 of their practices using the Clarity Mail service. The service is also used in the client’s head office in their HR, Marketing and Finance departments. To date over 1.2 million letters have been submitted through Clarity Mail.

Brand consistency
All documents submitted through Clarity have total consistency of material and print quality keeping all communications on-brand.

Staff Time
Research with the practice managers has suggested that the Clarity Mail service is saving all 250 branches an average of 7500 hours per month due to no longer printing, folding, enclosing and franking envelopes.

Cost Benefits
Branches no longer need to invest in renting franking machines which has delivered a calculated saving of over £100,000 per annum.