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Integrity has donated a range of litter picking equipment and accessories to a local volunteer group – The Wombles of Midsomer Norton.

Earlier in the year, Integrity was contacted by Sandra Coles, a volunteer Womble who was keen to discuss the problem of litter around the trading estate. Familiar with the ongoing issue, Integrity took the opportunity to learn more about the local volunteer group. Sandra explained:

“The Wombles of Midsomer Norton and Surrounding Areas’ Facebook page was formed in the middle of February.  We have three head Wombles, Laura Jardine, Nicola Smith, and me.  There are 312 members on the site, but we have a core of very dedicated wombles of around twenty who organise and/or attend the regular organised litter picks.  These and other members litter pick several times a week on their own though!”

Sandra went on to discuss why she had joined the volunteer group:

“The reason I joined was because many hands make light work!  I started picking back in January to give me a purpose to my daily walks during lockdown and it went from there.  It was good to join likeminded people. Now, I’m Chief Fund Raiser, badgering companies for equipment, but also Communications Womble, writing to the press, the councils and have also been interviewed by the BBC!  I’ve been labelled the persuasive womble or ‘pushy one’!”

After finding out more about the Wombles and the tireless work they had been doing in the local community, Integrity was eager to help the volunteers. Chief Executive Mark Cornford said:

“I think anyone who gives their precious time and effort up for a worthwhile cause should be applauded and encouraged. We wanted to help the Wombles, good citizens of Midsomer Norton and surrounding areas, in their efforts to make our community a better place. If we can help in some small way, then we are delighted to do so.”

Through our “Challenge Us“, Integrity donated an assortment of new litter picking equipment and accessories to the Wombles, including extendable litter pickers, bin bag hoops, and personalised hi-vis vests. The items were gratefully received by Sandra Coles, Nicola Smith, Mike Chivers and Sarah Lawrence-Pearce, who all joined us at Integrity’s site at the end of April.

Integrity will look to continue supporting the Wombles and the community to improve our local environment.

Integrity: Giving Back

Donating equipment to the Wombles of Midsomer Norton is just one example of Integrity’s continued commitment to supporting our community. Whether it’s raising money for the NHS, supporting local charities, providing work experience to young students, sponsoring local sports teams, or launching environmental initiatives, Integrity has always strived to have a positive impact on our local, and indeed wider, community.

If your organisation would like to work with Integrity to help us make an even greater social or environmental impact, we’d love to hear from you. Please call one of our friendly team or just leave us a message.