Integrity Print’s Chris Walton is Guest Speaker on Canon’s Webinar Series

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On 28th July, Canon launched their webinar series, The No Compromise Inkjet Journey. The series, which will run up to 3rd November, will welcome independent speakers from both commercial printers and print buyers, to offer their expert insight into how state of the art inkjet technology has helped to transition their business and adapt to the evolving marketplace.

The first webinar, No Compromise: How to Transition your Business with Inkjet, welcomed guest speakers, Charles Jarrold – Chief Executive of BPIF; Louisa Evans – Marketing Director at Severn; and Integrity’s Transactional Director, Chris Walton.

Hosted by Richard Askam and Canon’s Chris Aked, the session touched upon the evolution of inkjet technology and its status quo in the current and post COVID-19 market. The guest speakers also provided advice on how best to approach the transition to Inkjet in order to optimise the investment.

As the final guest speaker of the session, Chris Walton explained the drivers behind Integrity Print’s decision to invest in inkjet technology:

“We noticed from our customers, a move towards quicker turnarounds and shorter runs. We were limited by our legacy toner fleet as to the work we could take on, and we needed to have a more credible solution for our customers”

Chris went on to explain the key factors for consideration when making the transition from toner or offset, to inkjet technology:

“You need to be prepared for an immediate increase in productivity. When you do make that switch, you’re very likely to be running both technologies at the same time, so it’s important to get complete buy-in from your staff and allow for the work to drift away from the older technology as the operators become more comfortable”

When asked what his advice would be to any commercial printers contemplating the transition to high-speed inkjet technology, Chris responded:

“It’s really important to do your homework internally, to find out exactly what you require and to know why you are making the investment in the first place. Once you have the information, write it down, stick with it, and don’t compromise!”

Integrity’s Partnership with Canon began in February this year, with the investment in the Varioprint i300, and the more recent acquisition of the Colorstream 6700 in June. Chris highlighted the value of partnership as part of any long-term investment and finished the session by mentioning the recent success of Integrity’s partnership with Canon.

“It’s important to know that you’re entering into a true partnership, where the supplier wants your business to be a success and wants to develop with you – both teams then win . . . I think the two installations that we’ve had, the i300 and the Colorstream, have been fantastic – I’m a big supporter and the experience so far has been excellent. I’m very proud of what we’ve achieved and if anyone would like to get in touch, I’d be more than happy to share my experience.”

Find out more

You can watch Chris’s discussion in full, along with the valuable insights from all the guest speakers, by download the entire webinar recording here, and register to join the next live session: High speed inkjet means quality, flexibility and productivity at the right cost

If you’d like to learn more about Integrity’s investment in inkjet technology, or to find out how we can help you with all your print requirements, call our friendly team on +44 (0) 1761 409200 or email your enquiry to

The Technological Revolution Continues at Integrity’s Labels Division

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Integrity’s Labels Division have made huge strides in their digital transformation over the last few weeks. Recent developments have seen the installation of state-of-the-art systems and ground-breaking technology which is set to revolutionise the entire division.

We first brought news of this project in March, when Labels Director, Jason Burgon hinted at what was to come:

“the digital upgrade will be the first to see the light of day, providing us with exceptional print and finishing capabilities”.

This week, Jason gave us a glimpse of the new tech, that is being assembled and tested in the all-new digital suite.

Whilst discussing the recent developments, he commented:

“In what has turned out to be a disruptive year the completion of the digital project is a timely reminder that you must continue to progress. There’s a tangible excitement within the business at the goals we are setting ourselves and this project is a tantalising glimpse of what is ahead.”

Set to be officially unveiled in September, the multi-million-pound transformation is a collaborative venture involving two other industry leading tech giants, one of whom will be using the new suite as one of their showcase venues.

We’ll provide more updates on this project as it enters it’s final stages.


Canon Deliver Product and Market Overview to the Integrity Team

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This week, Integrity Print welcomed Carl Nolan and Chris Chapman from Canon Production Printing to deliver their product and market overview to teams from Integrity’s commercial and production divisions.

Integrity’s partnership with Canon began with the investment in the Varioprint i300 in January, followed by the acquisition of the hugely impressive Colorstream 6700 in June. As well as providing useful technical information on the functionalities and capabilities of the printers, Chris and Carl also gave valuable insight into the marketplace – analysing  industry trends, best practices, and future developments.

When discussing the evolution of Canon’s inkjet technology, Carl Nolan commented:

“the quantum leaps that we’ve made recently have taken even me by surprise . . . more businesses need to take advantage of this”

Chris Chapman added:

“the technology is moving so rapidly . . . these machines are an absolute game changer!”


These briefings are a key aspect of the ongoing support from Canon as the Integrity-Cannon partnership develops. This week’s presentation was unanimously well received by the Integrity team, who are looking forward to welcoming Canon back for a sales-focused meeting in the near future.

For more information on Integrity’s investments in Canon technology, or to discuss how Integrity can help you with your print requirements, please call us on +44 (0) 1761 409200 or leave us a message




Canon Colorstream 6700 Investment

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At the beginning of June, engineers from Canon UK began the installation of the new Canon Colorstream 6700 in Integrity Print’s Secure Mailing Division. Following the recent investments in both a Nipson Digiflex laser printer and the Canon i300 cut sheet inkjet printer, the completion of the Colorstream 6700 installation on 25th June marked the continuation of Integrity’s strategy to move into high speed, low cost inkjet production technology.

When discussing the new acquisition, Integrity’s Sales and Marketing Director, Andrew Law commented:

“This new investment ensures that we now have the technology and capacity to compete for significant contracts in the ‘white paper’ market, a key requirement to fuel our ambitious growth target of growing the Secure Mailing Division into a £20m business. The Colorstream is a transformative investment, creating significant growth capacity while enabling us to produce existing work far more efficiently, reducing waste and set up times significantly.”

Canon engineers are currently on site delivering an extensive training programme to the Integrity production team.  As part of the training programme a number of jobs that were previously produced as litho pre-print have been trialed on the Coloustream with impressive results. The equipment has worked well on both specialist inkjet material and on standard offset paper, giving Integrity the option to meet a wide range of customer material requirements. The first live job, which will be an electoral canvas project for a local authority, is set to run next week.



Canon Colorstream 6700 l-Twin


Print Resolution 600 x 600dpi with multilevel up-to 100m/min (perceived image quality at 1,200 x 1,200dpi)
Print Speed ColorStream 6700 : 1,350 A4 images at 337ft/min

(Based on running 2-wide with duplex printing)

Duty Cycle (per month) ColorStream 6700 : Up to 44,000,000 A4 impressions


As the market leaders of the high-speed, digital inkjet market, Canon (or OCE as it was known originally) first introduced inkjet to the market in 2012 with their OCE Classic. This was subsequently renamed to the 3000Z series. Through the years, the platform has been improved and further developed until the current 6000 platform launch in 2016, followed by the the Chroma in late 2017. Chroma is the latest big development by Canon that has seen the quality gap between traditional litho offset and continuous inkjet eliminated.

Integrity’s partnership with Canon began with the investment in the i300 in February this year. The success of this partnership, along with the superiority of Canon’s technology and comprehensive support, was a leading factor in selecting the 6700 as the latest investment to support the growth of Integrity’s Secure Mailing Division.



PPE Supplies

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Through our supply chain we have been able to source a good quantity of a number of different PPE product lines. If you require any of the following items please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any member of the account management team on 01761 409200.



Business as Usual for the Integrity Team

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Following the latest announcement from the Prime Minister, we are taking every measure possible to ensure that we remain fully operational and protect the well-being of our staff and the wider public.

As Integrity Print manufactures and supplies products for the healthcare, Government, pharmaceutical, and food sectors, remaining fully operational is imperative for our support of these front line services. So, for our customers and suppliers, it’s business as usual.

Integrity’s MD, Mark Cornford stated:

“The impact and severity of Coronavirus has been enormous across the world. It is an unprecedented and an incredibly fast-moving situation. There is significant uncertainty and understandable fear among the population.

Events are unfolding by the hour and Government advice and instructions are helpful but can also be misleading.  We are committed to keeping our workforce fully informed and we will continue to give updates as and when it is appropriate.

Currently, we are regarded as an essential business and we are allowed to stay open and operate as best as we can.”

We continue to monitor all the latest advice from the Government and World Health Organisation and adjust our procedures in accordance with the latest guidelines. You can keep up to date with the communications on our response to the Coronavirus outbreak via our dedicated webpage.

Latest updates:


Production Capability: Normal Trading

Absence Levels: Low

Supply Chain: Unaffected

Logistics: Unaffected

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Communication

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Integrity Print is taking comprehensive and decisive measures to continue to fulfill our commitments to our customers, as well as protect the welfare of our employees during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

To minimize the opportunity for infection through close contact, we are staggering our shift patterns and utilizing the additional space in our site to separate our teams where practical. In line with the current guidelines, staff members who are able to work from home will be advised to do so.

We are fortunate to be operating our main site in a relatively isolated area of Somerset, one of the country’s least effected regions, and we currently have a full contingency of staff in our production and office areas. As Integrity Print operates several sites across the UK, we will look to utilize this capacity if and when required to maintain business continuity.

We are closely monitoring the latest Government updates and reviewing our contingency plans accordingly. We are also advising our staff, customers and suppliers to stay up to date with the latest information and guidelines via the below webpage:

We will continue to update our communications as and when there are any further developments. If you have any specific concerns, you can get in touch with any of the below team members for a more detailed update:


Chris Walton – Transactional Director

Mobile : 07811311168

Email :


Sean Davies – Commercial Director

Mobile: +44 (0)7971 494930



Jason Burgon – Labels Director

Mobile. +44 (0)7813 995787


Exciting New Development in Integrity’s Label Division!

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A new development in the Integrity Labels Division has our team poised for rapid expansion:

Throughout the new year, we’ve reported on major investments that Integrity has made in state-of-the-art technology; partnerships with Canon and Digiflex have allowed to us expand the capabilities of our Secure Mailing Division, and now it seems like the Integrity Labels Division are positioning themselves to follow suit.

Over the past few weeks, the team have been preparing a large section of the Labels Division for a high-tech installation. But what are they up to?

Labels Director, Jason Burgon commented “Of the many operational projects we are currently undertaking, the digital upgrade will be the first to see the light of day, providing us with exceptional print and finishing capabilities”.

We’ll keep a close eye on this project and bring you the latest as and when it develops. Watch this space. . .

Integrity’s MD Plants 1000 Trees with the Woodland Trust

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Integrity Print’s MD, Mark Cornford plants 1000 trees with Woodland Trust

In February, Integrity’s Managing Director, Mark Cornford completed a landmark project by planting over two hectares of woodland on his land in South Somerset through the Woodland Trust’s MOREwoods project.

Since this scheme began in 2008, the Woodland Trust have helped landowners plant over 2000 hectares of native woodland in the UK.

Mark started this initiative last summer, with the first trees being planted in December. Seven different species of trees and five different species of shrubs have been planted at Cornford Wood; 1000 trees in total were planted over the new year.

When discussing his project, Mark explained:

 “I bought the land to farm sheep – there’s something so cathartic and relaxing about it . . . and the sheep never judge me!”

“I planted 1000 trees to, well, plant 1000 trees! I know there’s huge interest in all things environmental at the moment and of course that is important – trees are the lungs of the planet after all, but to me it was more than that. I didn’t do it for kudos or for brownie points, I did it because there is something incredibly special about nature, and getting back to nature. For me, kids spend too much time on iPads these days and not enough time with muddy knees! And this project is a legacy for my children. I’ve had so much great feedback from dog walkers and passers-by; it’s just fantastic that we’ve created something that everyone can enjoy for, hopefully, many years to come”

Last week, Mark was joined by children from the Butleigh C of E Primary School, who were invited to be a part of the project. The pupils drew sketches and created artwork of the trees and wildlife. Head Teacher, Helen Caines expressed the children’s enthusiasm:

“They absolutely loved it! They couldn’t stop talking about it when they got back. They loved the mud, freedom of space and being outside . . . The children are very keen to come again on a sunny day to have a picnic in the wood”

Mark’s project is one of many being undertaken by landowners, farmers, businesses and local authorities through the Woodland Trust. These projects have helped increase biodiversity, provide shelter, prevent soil erosion, and reduce the risk of flooding in rural areas throughout the UK. You can apply to take part in the MOREwoods project via the Woodland Trust’s website.

Integrity Launch the ‘Challenge Us’ Initiative

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Integrity Print have launched the “Challenge Us” initiative to encourage suppliers, customers and staff to help us make an even bigger impact with our environmental sustainability efforts


At Integrity, we believe that sustainability is not just a fad or a marketing buzzword; we are committed to making a difference and to making sure that we continually strive to do better.

Too often, organisations are content to do the minimum when it comes to environmental sustainability – get their ISO14001 certification, then sit back and wait until next year’s audit. While this may satisfy some, we simply don’t think it’s enough.

Whether it’s our accreditations and associations; our supply chain; or the day-to-day operation of the Integrity Sites, we have been proactive in developing an approach to environmental sustainability that is more than just ticking boxes. We recognise that genuine sustainability is a process of continual improvement – “good enough” isn’t good enough.

Along with our ongoing environmental projects, we’ve launched the Challenge Us initiative: We’re encouraging our suppliers, our staff and our customers to challenge us to do better – propose new projects, new initiatives, new ways in which we can have an even bigger impact with our sustainability efforts.

Since we launched the initiative at the beginning of February, we have received dozens of great suggestions from staff and customers on new and innovative ways in which we can make even more of a difference. From reducing single-use plastics to installing electric vehicle charging points in our car park, the list of potential projects has been growing by the week!

But we’re not just all talk and no action; our first Challenge Us project is well underway! A leading retail print provider and long-standing customer of ours,, recently challenged us to produce a more environmentally friendly dispatch note with integrated labels for their client.

The challenge was to provide a fully recyclable product that was comparable in price to their previous, non-recyclable dispatch note. So that’s what we’ve done! Our team of specialists have designed and produced the “Ecosheet” – a 100% recyclable, integrated label sheet, that provides a robust and cost-effective solution to our client’s challenge.

Though the Ecosheet was developed for this challenge, we’re so happy with it that we’re now taking bespoke enquiries for this product. If this sounds like the ideal solution for your project, please contact our team.

If you have any thoughts on how we can make an even bigger impact with our environmental initiatives, we’d love to hear your ideas. No matter how big or how small. We can always do more!

Email us at or leave your suggestions and ideas on our Contact Page.

If we love it and we can do it, we will!