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December 2021

Integrity Awarded ‘AA’ Status by BRCGS

By News

Following an audit of its Labels Division at the end of October, Integrity was awarded AA status by the BRCGS.

The BRCGS (Brand Reputation through Compliance of Global Standards) is a leading safety and quality certification programme made to provide certificates to food sector businesses, who are then able to prove that their products are safe and legal in the marketplace. At the forefront of developing safety standards, the BRCGS apply their work to over 28,000 certificated sites in over 130 countries.

So, what is the AA standard?

This grading comes from a system applied throughout the whole supply chain, designed to reflect the food hygiene practices of each business. The standards are certified after being thorough and scrutinising in every possible area where food safety could potentially be compromised. After being analysed, the business is granted a grade based on the number and type of non-conformances that business meets. From the lowest grade being D (or Uncertified if no grade at all is considered) to the highest-grade being AA. In this case, this means Integrity Labels was awarded the highest certification possible for their label safety and quality standards.

Lewis Hand, Integrity’s Labels Sales Director, had this to comment:
“In the midst of the pandemic, it was a great story; the fact everyone pulled together as a department to not only renew the certification but to achieve an AA rating was a huge win for us. We are finding the BRCGS standard itself is specified more and more by our customer base, so the certification is absolutely vital for Integrity Labels due to us dealing largely with the food and beverage market sector.”

This awarded certification reinforces Integrity’s no-compromise approach to exceeding the expectations of health and hygiene standards within the food and beverage sector.

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